My neighbour’s gift!

“Good morning, Bhabhi ji!”, Entered my neighbour, opening the gate, with a plate of uttapam with spicy coconut chutney. I was standing on the porch with a brush in my mouth.

“Aren’t you ready for college dear? I’ve brought you your favorite breakfast”, said Ms. Iyyer.

My mom took her to the kitchen, giving me her pretty but sardonic smile. It was an untold rule that my breakfast will be made by Ms. Iyyer, though my mom was sometimes annoyed that I preferred aunt’s breakfast to mom’s breakfast.

Both were unique at cooking. Mom was good at North Indian cuisine and my aunt was good at South Indian cuisine. In fact aunt and uncle loved eating food prepared by mom. That’s why aunt prepared breakfast for me with love.

All this started when a newlywed south Indian couple shifted to the duplex adjacent to ours. A couple of months passed and one day we were invited to Mr. Iyyer’s birthday party. As I loved south Indian food, I threw a compliment saying, “ I literally crave for such food”. She took my compliment so seriously that from that day on, she brought me breakfast every morning. My mom eventually stopped cooking for me. As time passed, mom and aunt turned out to be good friends. And I guess today, I no more get cravings for the dosa and idli, but I miss the aloo paratha and kheer. I finished my favourite uttapam and left for college. On returning, mom told me that aunts on a week trip. Honestly, I missed her not her breakfast. After two weeks passed by, I was waiting for the clock to strike twelve, so that I could wish my sweet neighbour for their wedding anniversary. My parents were ready with the gift.

That night when she unwrapped the gift, I was crashed. It was a shining crockery set of copper utensils. It had a copper bowl for dining, copper glass, copper water jug, copper water dispenser, etc. Aunt and I really wanted to know, where they bought it from. Finally, dad revealed that I was ordered from an online website named stagger.

The other day aunt visited stagger and scrolled for more. She showed me and asked me to choose jewellery and handbag. Later when she searched for traditional and healthy crockery we found brass chapatti box, brass katori, brass teapot, etc.

I never trusted online shopping but then I had to trust stagger.

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