Magic In Her Hands

With great love , I see my mom cooking delicacies for me. Its like her hands already know it. It makes me understand her dedication towards my nourishment and happiness. There is some kind of magic in her hands. Apart from cooking, she also has another talent of weaving decorative items using wires and beads, and she also stitches pretty dresses for me. I asked her if it was her hobby. She said that it makes her feel good when she weaves and finds it calming and relaxing when she sticthed those beautiful decoratives. She is interested in handmade jewellery like Bali, Jhumka, kangan, etc.

Our living room is decorated with marble idols, wooden frames, blue pottery of Rajasthan and paintings from a native, local and rural artisans. It seems that preserving culture has become difficult in recent times. The variety of Indian cultures and traditions is unique. Fortunately, it still lives in these handwoven works that people add so much love and effort to.
Just like my mom, there are many people with such talents. Some people passionately pursue their talents and hobbies. Maybe, for some, it yields their bread and rice, and some receive appreciation.

With their love for work, they make handlooms, handicrafts, jewellery and accessories. Unlike factory made/machine made products and plastic décor, we should prefer these handmade items to have that unique feel attached to traditional decoration for our home.
And for that beauty to reach your sweet home, Stagger.in is here!


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