Ganapati Bappa Moriya!

Few boys in shorts and t-shirts entered a Street full of silence. From the first house of the colony, they kept shouting, “Aunty? Uncle?” As it was afternoon very few people responded to the boys, where everyone was busy with their daily bread. One of the boys kept ringing the bell at my gate till I opened. I shouted back, “Why are you so excited?” He said, “It’s time for Bappa to come, you should be excited too”. It brought a smile to my face. I donated as a part of the fund. The spirit of celebrating Ganesha’s arrival is so incredible that from the  youngest to the eldest, everyone would forget themselves and dance to the spiritual beats.

It is celebrated only for eleven days but the magic lies within us till the last breathe. Like the kids, I had a work of selecting Bappa idols as well. Not to loose the stock of my taste, I quickly opened Stagger. in. I scrolled and found  variety of customised items. Green stones Ganesha tea light, Ganesha wall mount mirror and stone tea light, wooden name plate, red base Ganesha tea light,etc.

Amidst all this, suddenly my phone rang; my dad had an idea of eco-friendly celebration this time. He made my work easier. The word eco-friendly triggers me of clay, no paints, leaves, natural, handmade, etc.

The ‘Baccha  party’ came again, this time it was for a location. I really had a question irritating my brain so I asked them, “ After collecting money from us, you would still not have enough money for eleven days job. How will you manage and what will you do?”

The boy smiled like an intellect and answered, “Didi! We won’t buy big idol and organise events every day. Our Ganesha never asked for it. All he wants is pure dedication from us. We will get a small idol, place it in a good place, offer food and love everyday, dance to beats and entertain our Lord and finally happily immerse him on the final day. Now Ganesha happy and the Baccha party happy”.

This proved that  feelings are valued in the real world. And paying respect to every feeling, stagger promotes eco-friendly celebration this season.

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