Fight or flight, I’m always here for you

Bang! He slammed the door again, expressing his anger. My brother and I were like two enemies under the same roof. But the only difference was we always protected each other. He was always there when I needed him and as he was younger to me, he always needed me. I started laughing at his reaction. We always fought over silly reasons. The thing was that I blamed him for every mischief in the house. He was not less of a player, he did the same. And coming back to the door; He was angry just because at 9:00 a.m. in the morning, I pulled of his bedsheet to wake him up. That was silly right?

After the breakfast, I sat in front of the TV doing nothing. That is when, I committed the crime of asking him to pass the remote to me. My mom always supported him. She started, “Queen of the house, is too busy to even get up and take a remote. Don’t you need two more assistants dear?” she said tauntingly. I ignored it as usual.

The other day purposely I remained silent the whole day to see who really cares. My brother couldn’t tolerate my silence. He started cracking jokes after observing me for a long time. I ignored him. That moment I felt, how caring, kind and respectful he was of me.

 I am generally forgetful at times. I forgot that the “Raksha Bandhan” was close. We both were silent for few days. On the day of Rakhi, I bought a silver bracelet for him and his favourite chocolates with a watch he wanted to have. As per ritual, I tied him Rakhi and then we had sweets. To my shock, he put a gift box in front of me. Tears rolled in my eyes, unwrapping the gift. It had a “Personalised diary notebook” and a set of “Silver heart shaped earrings with a silver locket”. I was taken aback. My mom told that even she didn’t know about this. I was taken aback. I asked him, “ You didn’t even go anywhere, where did you get this from?”. He said, “ I heard of stagger from my friend. It had exclusive products on sale. I scrolled the site looking for your gift and selected the best ones I could. Hope you liked it?”.

I loved it. Later, I visited Stagger for more. I found unique products on it. I also found Rakhis, I wish I would have selected one from here. The best thing was all these products were handmade. My brother made his best choice. Why don’t you? Stagger is here to make this Rakhi special for you.

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