Because Art Is Smart

Who doesn’t love shopping? The Internet offers evergrowing convenience to people, every day. Online shopping captivates users while saving their time by providing a large variety of choices from everywhere. We live in a world where so many things are mass produced. Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with that, it’s great that those things are manufactured in massive quantities in order to satisfy the worldwide demand for them. But it’s also wonderful that more people everywhere are beginning to embrace art that is made by hand.

It’s not just an amorphous air of authenticity that causes people to shell out more for handcrafted products, rather handcrafted goods are often, simply put, better. Handicrafts and handmade items communities have expanded from a relatively small niche to full-grown online industries in the
recent decade. Many e-commerce websites offer hand made products. Stagger is one such creative platform celebrating the uniqueness of each and every product and their value.

Handcrafted products are more than just a product, they are a 100% creativity and uniqueness, and that shows in every individual piece and design. Gifting a handmade product instead of a mass-produced good is more like writing a letter to someone instead of an email. Stagger is
home to handcraft – it’s the place to buy handmade gifts and original artwork sold directly by artists and designers who have created them. Made with love, authenticity, creative effort and by hand. Every purchase from Stagger supports a genuine craftsperson. This site is chock full of
handmade goodies of fine arts, designer home decor, toys, and accessories. You can even look for categories, shop by occasion or by trends. So if you’re looking for that perfect original gift or you want to shop small, shop independent and use handmade, we suggest sitting down with a
cuppa and having a look through these amazing creations on Stagger – all made by clever hands crafting away across Indian traditions.
We’ve got original art and prints for your wall, hand-knitted scarves and gloves to keep you snug, beautiful designer jewelry, studio pottery and handmade ceramics for your table and your shelves, as well as hand-printed cushions, crochet blankets and original textiles and decor for your home and so much more. What will you discover on Stagger today?

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