Stagger.in as you must have understood by looking through the website is an online marketplace for creative, unique, customized and handmade products from artists, home sellers and small businesses from all over the country.

Stagger began with the idea of revolutionising shopping, as a 21st century customer only visits the largely known e-commerce websites to look for the one mass produced item that can be found anywhere, but when it comes to quality, value of an item being looked for couldn’t be found.

Stagger is here to change that, because at stagger you don’t come looking for something, we want to create something of your own and that brings value to the product and is also valuable to whomever you pass it on to as a gift.

For example, a customized photoframe of your family as a gift to your parents on their anniversary, or a personalized gift to your best friend/loved one.

These are values that last, unlike the other online marketplaces, because we’re not just an e-commerce website but a social commerce platform.

Stagger – #ForTheUniqueYou