A single thought can change a lot. (Staggering Independence)

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the clock struck 12 we were free of rule from the British. Now, we had the choice. The choice to live our lives, the choice to vote for our collective leader, the choice to go wherever we wanted to, the choice to eat what we want, the choice to learn what we want to learn, the choice to wear what we want and the choice to be whoever we want to be secularly.

Stagger.in brings you rejoyed remembrance, to celebrate this core belief and feeling of independence. We want each citizen of India to celebrate their freedom, freedom of their individual choices, the freedom to imagine and the freedom to create their own design.

And henceforth we’re becoming the most convenient platform in India to help our fellow citizens i.e. you, place orders that are custom made/personalised products and deliver them anywhere in the country to the comfort of your home, while you’re peacefully watching television, where the prime minister talks about the further developments and recent embellishments of the nation.

And all of this could be possible today because of our fundamental freedom of speech, a right that we deserve to have as social animals and that’s the right that led us to believe in 1857 that India will be democratic and free.

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