A hand for a hand

There’s so many websites out there selling handcrafted or personalised products, we agree on that, but what we don’t standby is the collateral injustice being done to over 1,50,000 rural artisans of their respective local handcraft industry.

There’s so many beautiful decor, accessories and pieces of art being produced, but their outreach is limited to the people that visit the local vendors and buy from them. Stagger.in has a plan to onboard as many of these local handicraft artisans as possible onto our platform, and provide them with an online store.

This way the rich culture and traditional designs are passed on to those who admire such work. We are building a future for our country where online presence for the smallest of artist is the widest network they’ve ever sold on, simply because those products deserve justice.

We will also provide them features like transportation, help with modern, contemporary and a mix of design from the digital and traditional conventional methods, by introducing art students from national institutes to bring out the best of both worlds.

We’ve planned our journey towards making Indian handcrafted items a brand bigger than the rest of the world, and you can be a part of this contribution towards artists, by shopping on stagger.in

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