A Day With Dad

Wandering the country’s most native places as a traveler I found beautiful cultures and traditions that had mesmerising items from their clothing, accessories, display items and home decor, even exotic and rare sculptures that could neither be found not made anywhere else. The beauty that the hands of these rural artisans had crafted, was unspeakably tempting to bring along as a souvenir for my friends and family.

A few years ago on Father’s Day I gifted my dad a handmade greeting card crafted from the paper of a walnut tree, I learnt how to make it from a local rural vendor while I was staying with their family on one of my trips. They were kind enough to host me and make me feel like home in a strange land. My dad loved that greeting card so much, that he got it framed and hung it in the living room. He said it was the best gift he had ever received, he was so proud of me for being myself.

I know that not everyone can travel around the country to get something memorable for their family, but you don’t have to, I was introduced to stagger.in by a friend, when I visited the website I was surprised to see they had amazing personalised products, handcrafted by local artisans from all over the country. I would totally get my father something unique on this Father’s Day from stagger.in, would you?

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